Those who have been supportive throughout the journey so far, offering time, venues, expertise and donations. 

Sir Ray Davies (The kinks)

Neil finn OBE (Crowded House)

Celia Imre MBE (Marigold hotel films, Bridget Jones, Victoria wood)

Willy Russell (Writer of musical blood brothers and oscar nominated educating Rita)

Founding member of African world music group 'osibissa' Gregg Kofi Brown.



Donators and Co-Promoters (of time, venues or merchandise)



Ricky Hatton MBE

Sir Geoff Hurst MBE, Matchroom Sport

Virginia Hey (Mad Max & Bond Girl)

Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf)

Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf.)

Ed Bryne

Arti Shah (Rocket, Guardians Of The Galaxy.)

David Prowse MBE

The Concorde Club

Virgin Health & Fitness

Major Limosines

Brand Hatton

Mango Thai

Live Nation

HMV, Music Week

The Most intriguing act during digital music week

I like his style he works with good collaborators you go man!

Neil Finn, Crowded House

The Southern Daily Echo

A songwriter in a Leonard Cohen Mould with a conversational style.