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'Sample Man' started life as one project that was gonna be a conceptual album for the iTunes generation. Instead it was two projects that merged into one as always I've tried to write mini epics that you will want to play again. The electro funk/dance/ pop/ indie/rap of 'sample man' itself is such an example. As already stated this gave me a chance to explore my other side as a live musician despite being a wheelchair user. I wanted to record an EP of my acoustic live side as a harmonica player the cool thing is this gives you an example of the difference in my songwriting craft. I realised that its impossible to give a full interpretation of life so instead I try to give you an insight into what other people's lives maybe like: The ambitious, the successful, poor, famous to lives drifters. I found myself changing throughout this album as with the help of producers Mike Taylor and Jonathan Hughes a small ballad of 3 chords may become a rusta skank, beatlesque orchestral country vibe so I urge you to work from the top and work your way down if you don't like the song delete it of ya iPod but it maybe the case that you may like half the album, your children, parents or friends may like others.

Sample Man EP

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